Camera Ready Submission Guidelines.

Submission of the final and camera-ready version of the paper by completing these following steps:

  1. Upload your IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF versions through your EDAS account in the final manuscript submission menu,
  2. Send your final papers (in .doc or Latex format), your signed IEEE copyright form, and the result of IEEE PDF eXpress compatibility check. (in .pdf format) to:, with subject: “ICA21 FINAL MANUSCRIPT FOR PAPER ID #[PAPER_ID_NUMBER]” (BY 27 JULY 2021).
  3. Please ensure that you process the copyright. The IEEE e-copyright submission can be done in EDAS electronically at ‘Copyright form’ menu.
  4. All the papers have to go through the file conversion (become PDF file) offered by IEEE PDF eXpress. You can refer to the link here: You will need the Conference ID to log in, that is: 52848X. After file conversion offered by IEEE PDF eXpress successfully, you can upload PDF file paper final version in EDAS.

Presentation File and Video

Video file format

The presentation video must be in MP4 format, with a maximum resolution of 720p HD. Please use the following naming convention: SESSION-presenter-last name.mp4, where SESSION is your parallel session track number which you can find in the conference program. You must not exceed the time given for the video presentation, and the file must be under 200 MB of space file.

  • Tips for recording
    • Try to achieve a good quality voice recording by making it in a quiet setting and by speaking clearly
    • Avoid areas that have an echo
    • You can use a good headset with a microphone close to your mouth but try to avoid the direct line of mouth to reduce noise. Avoid using the default built-in microphone on the computer
    • Do a test recording for a couple of minutes to be able to review the sound and picture quality, MP4 format, size, resolution, and bitrate. Make adjustments if needed.
    • Review your video and watch it several times to make sure everything is fine.
  • Instructions for Video Uploading

Instructions for Presentations

  • PowerPoint
    • General
      • Keep your message clear and brief
      • Use light colors for the background
      • Keep to color scheme consistent
    • Text
      • Use dark primary colors
      • Lettering to be at least 0.7 cm (minimum font-size: 14)
      • Use an easy-to-read typeface
      • Try to avoid ALL CAPITALS text
    • Graphics
      • Try to make the graphics as clear and detailed as possible
      • Limit the use of clip art
      • Be careful with the use of screenshots – the quality might suffer when viewed full-screen
    • Layout
      • Try to limit the number of words per line to six (6) to eight (8)
      • Try to keep all text horizontal
    • PowerPoint Video Recording

Please send those files to our email: