Thank you for your participation in the 8th International Conference in ICA, 2023. We are delighted to provide you with detailed guidelines about the conference, which are essential for all participants. Check the final rundown here.

At The Conference

The conference is structured into two main sessions:
  1. Plenary Talks: These engaging sessions will feature keynote speakers in the main room. We have five distinguished keynote speakers lined up for this conference, split into morning and afternoon sessions.
  2. Parallel Sessions: As a valued participant of ICA 2023, you will have the opportunity to deliver presentations during the Parallel Sessions. We have allocated 4 breakout rooms for each session, with 7 to 8 speakers in each room. To ensure a smooth process, we provide a laptop for your convenience. Kindly submit your final presentation through the provided link, so we can organize the files according to the schedule. Each speaker will be allocated 15 minutes in total for their session, with 12 minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes for the question and answer segment. We kindly ask that you adhere to this time limit to avoid any delays in the schedule. Especially for the invited speaker will be allocated 20 minutes in total, with 16 minutes for the presentation and 4 minutes for the question and answer segment.

Instructions for Presentation

For the presentation, please submit your presentation file in format .pptx or .ppt through this link: These instructions are not all compulsory but hopefully will assist how you prepare your presentation.


  • Keep your message clear and brief
  • Use light colors for the background
  • Keep to color scheme consistent


  • Use dark primary colors
  • Lettering to be at least 0.7 cm (minimum font-size: 14)
  • Use an easy-to-read typeface
  • Try to avoid ALL CAPITALS text


  • Try to make the graphics as clear and detailed as possible
  • Limit the use of clip art
  • Be careful with the use of screenshots – the quality might suffer when viewed full-screen


  • Try to limit the number of words per line to six (6) to eight (8)
  • Try to keep all text horizontal