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Beginning in 1988, a seminar on national level in instrumentation and control field has been regularly held by the Instrumentation and Control Research Group, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). In line with the vision of ITB as World Class University, the seminar is subsequently enhanced in 2009 as an international conference under the title of International Conference on Instrumentation, Control and Automation (ICA). At the last conference organized in 2019, ICA as a biennial agenda of Instrumentation and Control Research Group has been successfully carried out with hundreds of participants from 15 countries and published more than 70 scientific papers, which is also published in IEEE Xplore portal and indexed in scopus. Corresponding to the annual agenda of Instrumentation and Control Research Group, the next ICA Conference will be held on 9th – 11th August 2023. By convening ICA 2023, the expected outcome is a stronger and enhanced networking between researchers at international level, both researchers from local and overseas. ICA 2023 may also serve as a medium of exchange ideas and interaction to develop knowledge, particularly in the field of Instrumentation and Control science. The conference is organized by the Instrumentation and Control Research Group of ITB and technically co-sponsored by IEEE Indonesia Control Systems and Robotics and Automation (CSS/RAS) Joint Chapter.


ICA 2023 is aimed at enhancing strong networking and creating an international platform to ease knowledge transfer among engineers, researchers, and scientists within relevant areas of instrumentation, control, and automation systems. We, therefore, invite affiliated scholars, practicing professionals, researchers, and students to participate in the ICA 2023 conference. All accepted and presented papers at the conference will be submitted to the IEEExplore. For further topic details, please refer to our page at .